We are proud to supply a wide variety of items. Many of our items are custom, hand-made items for Specifically, our high carbon damascus, D-2 and high carbon (1095) hunting knife blades line.

We are not responsible for injury, death or criminal acts due to the use or misuse of our products.  We never drop-ship or use a third party shipper unless otherwise noted.

You must be of legal age for your country to purchase an item from us.

All of our items, whether bone, wood, horn or other material, do not violate any animal, plant or wildlife laws. The bone used in our knives is cow bone or camel bone.

The photos of our items are stock photos unless stated otherwise. Items may vary due to manufacturing process, natural color of materials, texture and pattern in the case of certain materials such as stag antler, bone, wood grain, damascus patterns and layering etc. If an item is exactly the one pictured, the item page will state “this is the exact item you will receive” or similar wording.

We appreciate your business!


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